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  • July29th


    Bill Lockwood


    J. Evetts Haley (1901-1995), the famed Texas historian, once wrote: “Nothing could be more obvious than the hard cold fact that ‘the power to tax is the power to destroy’—not just wealth per se, but worse still the durable fiber of men, ancestral pride and inheritance, confidence, courage, character—everything! The destruction is far more sweeping than simply that of wealth and material values; the most terrible tributes are levied on spiritual and moral character.” This today is, practically speaking, in full ugly fruition. To stamp out any remaining vestige of freedom, the IRS now fires the final shot across the bow of liberty by warning Read More

  • July10th


    Bill Lockwood


    A recent CNN article by Bruce Stokes declares that America is dangerously divided. “Divisions inside the Beltway actually reflect a deep ideological divide within the U.S. public that manifests itself not only in politics but in everyday life.” That this is an accurate reflection on the State of the Not-so-United-States no one will deny. But what underlying cause may be creating this divide, Stokes misses it entirely. As is usual with ALL liberals when confronted with problematic areas, they want to “redistribute the blame” to all parties.


    Stokes offers: “And this shift isn’t just about one party—Democrats have been moving to the left and Republicans have moved to the right.” Wrong. The entire spectrum has moved hard socialist left with the Democrats leading the way dragging multitudes of weakened Republicans behind them. As a matter of fact, Democrats in Congress have more than 60 members who are a part of the Communist Party with their front man, Barack Obama being a hardened Marxist. The entire Democratic Party has become so radicalized that there is an entire swath of people chirping lines from Chairman Mao and lionizing Fidel Castro.


    There is absolutely no evidence that Republicans have “moved right.” Consider Social Issues. Homosexuality and abortion top the list. Who has moved on these issues? Have conservatives come to the never-before-held conclusion that homosexuality is wrong? Is opposition to abortion a newfound position? Nonsense. From the time that the American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality from its “mental illness” list in 1973 to today where President Obama and his minions are sponsoring legislation to force you to participate it is the Socialist Left ONLY that has moved. To where? All the way to Sodom.


    The same can be said regarding abortion. From the staunchly held position that aborting babies is sinful to the current practice where conservatives are being forced to fund this killing via taxation, have conservatives “moved to the right?” Baloney. They are kicking and screaming as they are being dragged to the left.


    Environmental Issues


    From its inception in 1970 under Richard Nixon the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has steadily grown in unconstitutional power. As an arm of the executive branch the EPA today claims authority to unilaterally garnish wages of supposedly free American citizens who do not fall into regulatory line. To further the EPA cause citizen Al Gore preaches the gospel of the New Age. On this issue, who moved? Have conservatives become more terroristic to the environment or have socialists in Washington become more dictatorial? To ask this question is to answer it.


    Government Power


    Conservatives have always been solidly against encroaching government power. But from the days of the inception of the IRS through Lyndon Johnson’s 1954 ramping up of regulatory authority over churches to Lois Lerner’s lost emails, which way are we headed? Even today, the Republican platform includes a plank demanding “free speech” for clergy. This is to ask Big Brother for a break from its onerous laws. If one includes current events regarding the National Security Agency (NSA) or Department of Homeland Security (DHS) the monster of communistic government is at our doorstep. Is this to be explained, in Stokes’ words, as both sides, right and left, moving to their respective corners? Hardly.


    Government power is also growing exponentially through Judicial Activism. Oklahoma passes a voter approved law against incorporating Sharia law into its courts, but judges, who aren’t supposed to “make laws” have overturned it. A liberal activist Federal District Judge, Orlando Garcia, is single-handedly seeking to overturn the Texas Marriage Amendment (November 8, 2005). Is this judicial tyranny the result of conservatives becoming “more conservative?”


    Welfare State


    Plank by plank the welfare state has been constructed. Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, Unemployment, etc. Now it has escalated to such a degree under Obama that the welfare rolls boast the greatest number of Americans ever. Include in this scenario government-run healthcare, ObamaCare, which is another massive entitlement, and the apologists for it who actually chirp that they like socialized medicine, and one cannot help but be impressed with the fact that America is becoming a socialist nation. It is ridiculous to consider Stokes’ scenario that the “right” somehow is in the process of moving further right. Since when did FREEDOM become a radically right suggestion, Mr. Stokes?


    On immigration the conservative base has constantly been deceived by government. From the days of Ronald Reagan who himself quipped that the amnesty offered during his presidency on the promise of tightening the borders was an error of judgment because the Democrats had no intention of securing our border to the current Obama purposeful conspiracy to erase the southern border entirely—which side has moved? The right or the left?


    We are on the cusp of seeing the Marxist dream of chaos followed by totalitarianism and Stokes thinks that current problems in part are caused by Republicans becoming “more conservative” and moving to the right. I will go so far as to say that the lefties at CNN cannot put their finger on one single article of policy that shows a move to the right. Instead, we are in the throes of a Marxist Revolution. But like the mantra of socialists who like to spread your wealth around, they wish to spread the blame around.

  • July3rd


    Bill Lockwood


    Self-proclaimed “communist” Bill Ayers tells America during his recent Megyn Kelly interview on FOX News that his 1960’s Weather Underground terrorism and violence against the United States was done to protest the U.S. assistance of the of the South Vietnamese during the Vietnam War. Having been himself tutored through written material by the likes of Mao Tse Tung and Ho Chi Minh himself, Ayers opposed American resistance to the Butchers of Hanoi who would eventually bathe South Vietnam in blood.


    But as terrible fate would have it, Ayers has had much communist-sympathizing help from within the halls of the United States Government itself—the very one he is bent on destroying. Read More

  • July1st

    Bill Lockwood


    Christianity differs from the “Eastern Religions”—Buddhism, Confucianism, Islam, Hinduism—in a number of vital areas. At root level, one of the most important variances is that Christianity is grounded in historical fact while the religions of the East are built upon the sands of fruitless mysticism and fable. Another stark distinction is that Christianity raises men above what nature makes him. Eastern religions have no moral power to inspire upward change. These two differences Read More

  • June11th


    David Reed, Ph.D.


    A list of forty-five goals for the Socialist takeover of America was posted into the Congressional Record in 1963. The specific goals that boldly impinge upon our rights to educate our children and to erase their God-given privileges are enumerated below. See especially goal 17. Read More

  • May29th


    Bill Lockwood


    “Moral relativism is sin in a toga. It’s selfishness and hedonism and rebellion dressed up in philosophers’ robes. Better to rule my own life than to have to do what anyone else tells me to do. I am master and creator and lord.” So stated Ryan Dobson in Be Intolerant (quoted by Dr. Sandra Clifton in New Age Lies Exposed, 63). In other words, relativism recognizes no absolutes, just “relative truths” applicable to the situation at hand. No sovereign God or absolute truth. Nothing right, and certainly nothing absolutely wrong.


    The reality of this worldview, championed by New Age, is that in an effort to excuse one’s own sin, relativism “can spin people around…It caused them to lose sight of the sin and the truth of what is right and what is wrong” (Clifton). Dobson’s point is that the entire New Age mentality, promoted as a religion, can in many ways be summed up as nothing more than relativism dressed in a toga. People seeking to justify their own wrong-doing. Let’s explore it.
    Read More

  • May19th


    Bill Lockwood


    New Age spiritualists maintain that there is no ultimate reality, that each person creates his or her own reality. This is the case because they believe that they can select whatever reality they choose. Each individual selects what is real according to their own whim. Sandra Clifton, one-time New Age guru later converted to Christ, calls this “Amusement-Park” thinking. “Self” is at the center of the universe therefore one chooses whatever “ride” one wishes.


    This “every man does that which is right in his own eyes” mentality is growing in popularity, especially on college campuses, as America is jettisoning the belief in Christianity. But it is an incorrect explanation of life itself. As a matter of fact, it is the worst type of deception. Jeremiah, the Old Testament prophet, observed that “The heart is deceitful above all things, and it is exceedingly corrupt” (17:9). But such is the world of “reality” according to many in academia today.


    When Columbus was earnestly making an effort to bless the human race by discovering the American Continent, he was bitterly opposed by the “scholar” of the university who decided to “put an end to such non-sense.” Spanish sages called a mass meeting and the Solomon’s of academia appeared on the platform to expose Columbus as a fool.
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  • May14th


    Bill Lockwood


    Dr. Sandra Clifton was at one time a New Age psychic with her own TV show. She knows the New Age Movement inside and out. She was later converted to Christ and wrote a book about the falsehoods of New Age, New Age Lies Exposed: How to Stand Firm in God’s Truth.


    One of her passages is this: “It is as if the New Age spirituality teachers have taken Philippians 4:13 and have lived by half o it—‘I can do all things,’ instead of living by the rest of the verse to follow: ‘…through Christ who strengthens me.’ New Age humanism truly takes the power away from the sovereign God and places it in the hands of humankind.


    “When I taught New Age ‘power’ classes, I saw myself as a woman on a mission—to empower ‘the higher self’ of each of my students, so that he or she could become their own creator. I was practicing what I now call New Age humanism. I was stripping God of His position of sovereignty and handing it over to my students. I later repented heartily of this disgusting and false practice when I came to Jesus.


    “New Age humanism can get very confusing because it sounds very spiritual. Read More

  • May13th


    Bill Lockwood


    Communism has always held that parents have no right to “maim their children” morally by bringing them up with “religious prejudices,” the opposite of the true scientific instruction taught in the government schoolhouse. It looks as if Obama has brought us there overnight.

    Michael Sam, the first openly homosexual player to be drafted into the National Football League, was telephoned by president Obama with congratulations. The president is helping set an anti-Christian culture, which can be easily be discerned by comparing Sam’s treatment with the brazen ridicule society heaped upon Tim Tebow for his Christian faith. However, that is only the tip of the iceberg.

    After Michael Sam was drafted this week, Don Jones of the Miami Dolphins tweeted negative comments such as “OMG” and “Horrible.” These were later taken down and he was required to publicly apologize for these “inappropriate comments.”

    But in an openly hostile anti-Christian country these tokens of obeisance are not sufficient. Expressions of such opinions are off-limits in ObamaLand. Don Jones and football fans are way behind the times. Dolphin coach Joe Philbin publicly assured the nation that “we met with Don Jones” and informed him of the “negative impact these comments had on such an important weekend for the NFL.”

    Don Jones will be admitted into re-education camps before he will be allowed to play ball. He has been “excused from the program” until he completes brain rehabilitation on correct thoughts. Coach Philbin offered even more re-assurance to our brainwashed collapsing nation. “We met with Don today about respect and discrimination and judgment. These comments are not consistent with the values and standards of our program.” No accusation before the bar of justice. No crime committed. But confinement from society just the same.

    This reality, unfolding right now before America, sounds as a page torn out of a communist manual from the old Soviet Union where re-education camps were common practice. No science fiction here. If it is all about “respect” and “judgment” what is next? Forced indoctrination camps for parents who teach their children that homosexuality is wrong? Internment for preachers who publish sermons condemning homosexuality? Will Christians who quote biblical condemnation of homosexuality be assigned to the Ministry of Public Security as in Communist China?

    If Don Jones had tweeted “God gives up a society where ‘men burn in their lust one for another’—Romans 1”—would he not have received the same re-education? What if he had tweeted simply “Homosexuality is SIN?” Shall we burn the Bibles next?

    No wonder Obama wants a nationalized education system known as Common Core. This also is right out of the playbook of communism.

    What the NFL needs is not more men who are able to muscle their way through a weight-room but real men who have enough backbone to stand up for truth and right-thinking. It might be easy for me to write, but I would not, if I were Don Jones, be subjected to indoctrination camps in order to play ball.

    And what our country desperately needs is to replace the occupant of the White House with a man who values true morality and quits celebrating our descent into Sodom.

  • May11th


    Bill Lockwood


    Jay Gary, author of the 1994 book The Star of 2000, predicted that the year 2000 A.D. was a “huge magnet hung in time” – “the end of history and the beginning of a global civilization of peace and prosperity.” This was also the year marked by New Agers as the beginning of the Age of Aquarius and the end of the Age of Pisces, or the Christian Age.


    “The Christian interlude, called in astrological circles ‘The Age of Pisces’ (the Fish, the historic symbol of the Christian faith), fueled by masculine, yang energy [opposite of the ‘yin’ in the ‘yin yang’ bl] is now at an end. It is superseded by the feminine yin energy in the Age of Aquarius.” [1]


    The Age of Aquarius, which ushers in what New Agers call “the Cosmic Christ” will supposedly witness the unification of all religions. “Christ” will come as each person reaches “universal consciousness” of the “divine presence within himself and realizes his potential for personal godhood.”


    New Ageism teaches, in keeping with ancient paganism, that all material reality is evil. Salvation, therefore, is achieved by freeing the spirit from its imprisonment in matter. Espousers of this theory have concocted many elaborate explanations as to how this is done. Not only so, but the one transcendent God of the Universe, described in the Bible, is removed by this paganistic program. Instead, there are many gods and goddesses. The goal of humans is to find those divine sparks within.


    This brings us to the first cardinal rule of New Age: Do not claim that your God or belief is exclusive. [2] Tolerate all religious beliefs—except those who believe that theirs is the only way of salvation—such as Christians believe. As Texe Marrs writes, “as long as you accept that all is one and that your religion is no better than the next person’s, then you qualify to be a New Ager.” “Since Christianity stands alone and is distinct from all other faiths, the clarion call of the New Age cults … is for mankind to rid itself of distinctions and separativeness and come together as one spiritual entity. Separate, exclusive religions are prohibited; a unified New World Religion is the goal.” God is an impersonal energy force and may be referred to as “he” or “she.” Even Mother Earth can be worshipped as God. Os Guinness correctly argued that this Eastern tolerance, which has been widely accepted in today’s culture, is actually the “kiss of death.” [3]


    The second rule of all New Age cults is this: God Himself is what or whom you personally wish him (or her) to be. Believe in any God, except the one God of the Bible. This includes the New Age denial of Jesus Christ as the Son of God. Buddha supposedly taught inner illumination and is just as much in favor in the Age of Aquarius as Jesus Christ. Jesus was just another “wise teacher”—but certainly not Deity in the flesh. The real goal of New Age is to extinguish biblical Christianity. Age of Aquarius.


    [1] Peter Jones, The Gnostic Empire Strikes Back, 13.

    [2] Texe Marrs, New Age Cults and Religions, 19.

    [3] Os Guinness, The Dust of Death, 228-29.

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