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The Texas public may be awakening to the fact that the new CSCOPE on-line curriculum, which was crammed into 80% of Texas public schools by completely circumventing the duly elected State Board of Education (SBOE), bears the fingerprints of communist America-hating Bill Ayers while the shadowy figure of none less than Marxist Saul Alinsky lurks in the background as the pedagogue of schoolchildren. Texas State Rep. Steve Toth has proposed an oversight statute to place CSCOPE where it ought to be—under the oversight of the State Board of Education (SBOE). But that would only be a first step. Consider some of the poisonous roots of CSCOPE.

Linda Darling-Hammond


CSCOPE instructional curriculum lists the name of Linda Darling-Hammond beneath the heading “Professional Development.” As revealed by Conservative Teachers of America, Darling-Hammond, a chief architect of CSCOPE, was closely associated with violent mentor Bill Ayers at Columbia Teachers’ College where youth are regularly brainwashed into Obama’s “Social Justice” (a.k.a. socialism) views.


Bill Ayers himself served as Vice President (elected in 2008) of the radical American Educational Research Association (AERA) which happens to be the same organization over which Darling-Hammond was President. So impressed was Ayers with her that he gave Darling-Hammond “an enthusiastic endorsement for education secretary when Obama was first elected” (WorldNetDaily). Having worked extensively with Darling-Hammond, the notorious Weather Underground terrorist apparently even edited some of her work.  Through Darling-Hammond Ayers is able to access schoolchildren via CSCOPE curriculum.


Fenwick English


Another developer of CSCOPE is Fenwick English, distinguished professor of graduate English studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. An outspoken advocate of postmodernism, English posits that every individual “creates” their own “reality.” Denying that any ultimate truth or ultimate principles exist, postmodernists as English are imbued with the anti-American concepts which consider traditional Christianity as actually inimical to modern education. Fenwick English has regarded Christianity in this light and has publicized a list of ideological enemies to “modern education” in a paper entitled “The Ten Most Wanted Enemies of American Public Education’s School Leadership.” Christian writer William Bennett and popular conservative Dinesh D’Souza are among those singled out for criticism. English’s harshest criticisms, however, are reserved for David Horowitz whom he ridicules for supposing that there are communists or communist-imbued professors occupying the halls of learning in America. Apparently, Horowitz strikes too close to home for English whose CSCOPE alliance with Ayers through Linda Darling-Hammond is too plain to miss.


English shows more of his true colors in that he has himself, like Obama, studied radical communist Saul Alinsky and has quoted him in approving fashion. “Grassroots political organizer Saul Alinsky was a firm believer that leadership within an organization could exist within the rank and file” admonished English. Alinsky, who dedicated his anti-Christian screed, Rules for Radicals, to Satan himself is not too radical for English.


Robert Marzano


Professional skeptic, psychologist and educator Robert Marzano is also listed on the CSCOPE curriculum roster. Marzano’s coined phrase “Christian ultra-fundamentalism” (CUF) is a permanent part of the Skeptic’s Dictionary where Marzano places almost all of traditional Christians. Believers in biblical events such as Noah’s Flood fall into the category of “ultra” according to Marzano. Opposition to the sin of homosexuality or abortion is “ultra” as well as Americans who mistakenly suppose their country was founded as a “Christian Nation.”


Marzano’s even gives communism a favorable treatment in comparison to traditional Christianity. This is to be expected noting some of his CSCOPE comrades. The danger with CUF, per Marzano, is that they wish undoubtedly to establish a Christian theocracy which would be just as “intolerant” as Islamic radicals. Marzano thinks that “there is no secular worldview that holds a similar position, with the possible exception of extreme communism.” Communism is not to be feared, only those few extremists who took it too far, perhaps like mass murderers Vladimir Lenin or Mao Zedong.


With professors such as the above at the helm of CSCOPE, little wonder that one-world United Nations subversive Agenda 21 concept “Constructivism” is force-fed to youngsters. One power point of CSCOPE is “Philosophy” which features the “Constructivist Learning Theory.” This openly encourages “students to construct their own understandings of reality, and (realize) that objective reality is not knowable.” Sounds like the ramblings of those “objective” post-modern, communist-friendly professors who created the curriculum.




On religious studies CSCOPE guides students through teaching tools that recite verses from the Quran including “Allah is the Mighty God;” “Also called the Creator, the Sustainer, the Merciful, the Compassionate.” “Allah alone is the Creator,” children will read, and, “He alone deserves our devout love and worship.” One wonders how loudly these postmodernists would complain if Bible passages were to be similarly read and digested.


Perhaps most disturbing of all is the radical anti-Christian anti-Biblical bias which is served to users of CSCOPE. In sophisticated rationalistic manner that mirrors assaults from higher halls of learning, the creators of CSCOPE want students to understand that the Bible is only the word of man and that Jesus was only a man. In the World History study course inspiration of Daniel from the Old Testament is flatly denied by giving the liberal dating scheme (having been “written around 165 BC.”). Christ Himself is besmirched by this: “Jesus came from a Pharisee background.” His virgin birth is maligned as a belief by the apostles that had its root in “Hellenistic culture.” “The Hellenistic influence was obvious in the interpretation of his birth from a virgin mother.” Not reality, just “interpretation” by some of his frenzied followers.


Jesus’ resurrection is likewise denied. “After the death of Jesus by the Roman authorities on the cross on a Friday, it was said he went to heaven to join his heavenly father on Sunday. His death and resurrection paralleled the death and resurrection in the story of Osiris (ancient Egypt) and especially Mithraism, when the Persian god Mithra came to earth to atone for human sins, was executed, and rose from the dead …”  Students here learn that the apostles gathered their ideas of a resurrection from pagan concepts then floating in the Middle East and applied them to Jesus Christ.


When Islam is discussed, students are encouraged to read directly from the Quran. When Christianity is taught, the skewed skeptical rendition of the Bible is on the menu.  Who cannot see through this? Many public schools cannot even get Bible taught as history at “0” hour but now children will read directly from the Quran in school. Graduate students in universities have been regularly subjected to this assault and battery approach to the Bible and Christianity but now it permeates CSCOPE’s presentation to children.


Little wonder that SCOPE creators have circumvented the State Board of Education in the delivery of their curriculum! No surprise that parents have been in some cases illegally denied access to what their children are being taught! But that soon may change as lawmakers across Texas hear from their constituents.









  • Comment by Ginger — February 19, 2013 @ 5:20 pm

    Great Article. Thank you so much for doing this and exposing the Communist Indoctrination in our Texas Schools.

  • Comment by sweet alice moore — August 19, 2013 @ 5:28 am

    This is written by Robert Marzano. He appears to be a political liberal, or at least not conservative, but is a practising Roman Catholic who has examined his Christian worldview as a result of the actions of pro-Family parents.

    He is NOT a “professional skeptic” and the article with the comments you attribute to him was NOT written by him- it was written by the atheists at SkepDic, and simply refers to him as coining the term. The comments comparing pro-family Christians to Muslim fanatics and commies are from the anti-Christ bigots at SkepDic, NOT from Marzano.

    BTW- I trace the term “ultra-fundamentalist” to David Bollier, a secularist affective education advocate who wrote against the “New Christian Right” on school policy around 1990. It was also used heavily by another two far-left educationalists, David Berliner and Eugene Provenzo in the same context back in the early 90s but I have not heard it since then.

  • Comment by Senator — August 20, 2013 @ 6:07 am

    No one claimed Marzano entered the entire definition in the Skeptic’s Dictionary. The fact is, Marzano utilizes the term CUF which by definition denies any “sacredness” to the text of the Word of God. CUF denies the history of the Bible, which is a skeptical position. His position in the Roman Catholic Church does not mitigate these facts.

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